About us:

Our aim at Macmillan Financial Planning is to help our clients obtain clarity, organisation and focus in their finances.

•        Macmillan Financial Planning Ltd offers independent and bespoke Financial Planning advice and services to clients wishing to achieve financial freedom.

•        Our clients are at the heart of everything we do and all advice we give.

•        Our advice is considered and independent, wholly for and on behalf of our clients.

•        We strive to achieve the highest levels of personal service in all our dealings with clients helping to promote understanding, trust and confidence.

•        We offer advice on all areas which may impact on the achievement of financial freedom not limited to financial instruments. Our ability and willingness to consider the whole sets us apart.

•        We develop life-long relationships with our clients to achieve their goals

Financial Planner, Graeme Macmillan has been an independent financial adviser since 2006. He has a law degree from Dundee University and the Diploma in Financial Planning. He has focussed on developing systems and skills necessary to helping clients identify their goals and work towards achieving them.

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